Epic Days

"Aloha my friends welcome to Hawaii
The 808 state, a surfer's paradise,
Home place of the Queens and the Aliis
The purest miracle for the eyes..."

Epic Days


A dreamlike documentary about the Hawaiian Islands. Epic days is both a road trip in search of adventurers who have abandoned the promise of a career on the mainland US and the images of local Hawaiian artists, paniolo cowboys and big wave surfers. It is primarily a declaration of love to the 808 state.
Epic Days
Epic Days
Epic Days

Editing and colors : Badi Soussi

Music et sound design : Jérémy Calame

Graphic design : Superposition

Cast : Kelii, Marc Brown, Bill Tapia, Herbie Titcomb, Justin Lopes, Nabaui, Big Island Love

Director and image : Charles Hieronymi

Production : Charles Hieronymi et Leila Drissi

Length : 12 min

Year: 2014