2051 Martinez

2051 is near

2051 Martinez


What will the mid-21st century aesthetic be like? What about art, life, love? This theme runs through the video presentation of the Mapping festival: will the year 2051 be the year of decline, of sobriety, of a return to older technologies, possibly of a retro style? Or on the contrary futuristic, ultra technological and full of surprises? Or just a combination of these two trends.
2051 Martinez
2051 Martinez
2051 Martinez

Directed by Charles Hieronymi @mrc808

DOP Charlotte Muller

Compositing and color grading Badi Soussi

Art & graphic design Dimitri Delcourt @dimitri.delcourt + Shiwa Tseng

Cast Alisha Henry @alisha.henry1 and Noah Lundin

Studio dbFx @dbfxworkshop and Sha22 @sha22ar

Music by

Martinez @world_of_martinez

Voices Martinez and MRC

Produced by Charles Hieronymi, Alisha Henry and Charlotte Muller

LED sculpture: Garage Cube @_garagecube

Special thanks: Baptiste Lefebvre, Olga Hieronymi, Boris Edelstein, Boris Rabusseau, Julien Dumont, Alex Burdin, Trinity Njume-Ebong, Frédéric Favre, Philippe Constantin, David Mayenfisch