Cyberpunk, a concept revisited and corrected in a personal delirium...



An immersive video experiment, full of winks and assumed clichés. Between video game and mafia kung-fu film, passing through the twists and turns of punk attitude and kawaii, rivalry, localism and love affair, apocalyptic desert film and dystopian cyberpunk city, it is above all the clip of a playful adventure that turns to drama that we offer you. It is also a reflection on art and the moving image, an inventory of human and creative energies in a fragmented society that could lose its balance.

Cast: Alisha Henry,Serena ,Selena,Auréline Siorak,Solenne Vaulot Morel,Thibault,Filander Urbina,Yeyo 27

Produced by Alisha Henry, David Mayenfisch, Boris Rabusseau and Charles Hieronymi

Charles Hieronymi: director

David Mayenfisch: DOP, photography

Alisha Henry: casting, styling

Boris Rabusseau : SFX, composting, editing

Dimitri Delcourt, Sophie Czich : graphic design

Gérald-Emmanuel Yeyo: casting, story

Laurie Tullen: voice

Thomas Bangalter: music

Partners: Mapping Festival - Steiner - Syllepse - Capt3 - Sha22 - Freestudios - SPOT

Special thanks: Laurie Tullen, Thierry Clauson, Auréline Siorak, Lynn Briggs, Maïa Wolf , François Moncarey, Boris Edelstein, Magali Vionnet, Félix, Dood, Olga Hieronymi