Crazy shores

One of the main actors follows the tragic fate of one of the characters in the film, drowned in Lake Geneva a few days after the start of filming

Crazy shores


In a fishing village on the quiet shores of lake Geneva, nobody could anticipate the drama of the lives of local residents. A young woman is the victim of an accident that leads her to a coma from which she only comes out intermittently. A police woman conducts the investigation to find the culprit.
Crazy shores
Crazy shores
Crazy shores


Mireille Neidhart

Valerie Chérix-Butinof

Kantarama Gahigiri

Didi Catoquessa

Mélissa Catoquessa

Fabien Mbenga

Fabrice Ledran

Jean-Paul Derouette

Antoine Muller

Jeff Bettini


Charlotte Muller - DOP

Silvie Holowaty - editing

Badi Soussi - color correction

Ernesto Morales - music

Charles Hieronymi - director